MISSION: To provide support, education, prevention and intervention for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and for those in temporary crisis.
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Maintain a fully utilized, identifiable and accessible facility providing, in a non-discriminatory manner, unmet educational, supportive, recreational and preventive services for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and for those persons in temporary crisis in Sarasota and Manatee Counties.

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The TCI Emergency Fund was established to prevent homelessness for people with HIV/AIDS. This fund is a last resort and is used only when case workers cannot find other avenues of support for clients. TCI has recently had a surge in requests for emergency funds and is forced to deny some requests due to insufficent funding.

We would appreciate any assistance you can provide in helping us to meet the growing need in our community.

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Healthy PWA Recognition

From left to right
Back: Jim Lachapelle, Hank Hueber, Eve Prang Plews, Richard Henry, Dr. Fred Harvey, Tom Washburn
Front: Richard Trifari, Valerie Wojciechowicz

On Tuesday, June 3 the TCI Board of Directors recognized 25 years of volunteer service by Eve Prang Plews, Dr. Fred Harvey, and Tom Washburn.  This team of professionals has been donating their time, talent, and resources to ensure the continued health of People With AIDS (PWA) in our community. The Healthy PWA program at TCI has been providing education, nutritional supplements, and acupuncture for 25 years.

Eve Prang Plews is a Licensed Nutrition Counselor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist with years of experience counseling clients, speaking nationally to healthcare and medical practitioners, conducting grant-funded nutrient studies, and staying on the forefront of functional medicine education.  Eve is well known for her expertise in the integration of medical science, health, and nutrition.

Through The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Fred Harvey helps people thrive and live healthy, vital lives. After becoming disenchanted with cookbook medicine, Dr. Harvey developed an integrative approach to medicine that combines the best of Western medicine with alternative and holistic therapies that help the whole person, not just an illness.

Tom Washburn is an acupuncture physician specializing in healing the body rather than just treating the symptoms.  A graduate of the East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Tom uses an East/West approach to treating patients with his extensive background in neuromuscular massage therapy and physical therapy.

Clients of TCI’s Healthy PWA program benefit from the combined expertise of these three professionals whose gifts directly affect their health, well being, independence, and their ability to function as productive members of our community.

Thank you Eve, Dr. Harvey, and Tom.

2014 PH-FSMTA Humanitarian Award 


Trinity Charities is proud to join Performance Health, the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA), Biofreeze, Bon Vital, Theraband, and Prossage in recognizing Edwin “Eddie” Hooper II as the 2014 PH – FSMTA Humanitarian Award winner.

Eddie is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) who serves as

·         HIV/AIDS instructor at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy

·         President of the Board of Directors at AIDS Manasota

·         Creator and Director of the AIDS massage therapy program for AMI

·         The first VP and Treasurer on the Board of the National AIDS Massage Project – a national group of massage therapists working with the HIV-positive population

·         FSMTA Board member

In addition to everything else he does Eddie volunteers his time to the TCI Healthy PWA program.

As part of the Humanitarian Award, Eddie has selected TCI to be the recipient of a $1,000 donation from Performance Health.

The Board of TCI, our clients, and our community recognize the outstanding efforts of Eddie Hooper. We are grateful for his friendship and support and we are proud of all he has done for TCI and the community.

Eddie Hooper – Strong hands and a gentle heart.

Thank you Eddie!

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photos by Kaje Housman Photography